In order to build tomorrow you must start 'yesterday'.
Tomorrow isn't built in a day, it takes years.

A better Tomorrow begins Today. A more effective & satisfactory Tomorrow, can never be constructed in a day.

The voyage began in 1990, when our founder Mr. Ashok R. Agrawal woke up to the need of quality houses and work spaces in the city.

Every family, every business, foresees a better 'tomorrow' and everyone deserves a chance to brighten it. Swati Procon is here to give you that one chance. Mr. Agrawal decided to make spaces that could help people attain a secured tomorrow. Having a keen mind for designs and a meticulous eye for quality, he manifested an exemplary story of successes.

Every project developed under Swati is planned and designed through the eyes of its patron. In other words, you are our real designer and architect. After all, it is your future that we are re-designing. From the basics to the modern amenities, every Swati project is completed in its own right. But every completed project acts as a motivator to us as it lays the foundation for our next project. With a belief of changing the good to better and the better to best, we continuously strive to evolve, improve and change.

So while we devote ourselves taking care of everyone else's future, Mr. Ashok Agrawal's son - Saket Agrawal takes care of all our needs. Mr. Saket Agrawal has done B.Sc. (Hons.) in Construction Management from the University of Glamorgan. His induction into Swati Procon marked the beginning of a new age at Swati. He has added a brandnew dimension and a fresh perspective to our founder's vision. Each project is carried out under the guidelines, insights and experience of the founder Mr. Ashok Agrawal's. They are carried forward with new ideas and solutions that Mr. Saket brings to the table. His intense passion, enthusiasm and Mr. Ashok Agrawal's astute wisdom make Swati what we are today: the creator of Ahmedabad's tomorrow.


Our mission is to preserve afford ability with a world-class outcome which sets firmly on our motto "Less for More". Beyond everything lie our values, trust and purity of truth that defines the Swati Procon more fully. We at Swati Procon offer vast spaces with a variety of unending facilities which brings different communities and families in "one world".

Company Ideology / Philosophy

With over 2 decades of experience in our hand, we believe that taking care of our customers is our very first priority. Thanks to this value acting as our primary form of motivation, we design our buildings in such a manner that it guarantees the ultimate level of satisfaction for each and every customer.


We shall be, Ethical, equitable and transparent in all our dealings. Respectful of the rights and abilities of every individual. Demanding in performance and positive in approach.